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Which of the following is not true about Mahalwari System

(A)   Mahalwari system was planned by John Shore
(B)   Mahalwari system was introduced in the Ganga valley, the North-west provinces, parts of Central India and the Punjab
(C)   Britishers introduced Mahalwari System in the expectation of stable revenue
(D)   The villages committee was held responsible for collection of the taxes.

Smiling Buddha underground nuclear test was performed by India during which five year plan

(A)   Second five year plan
(B)   Third five year plan
(C)   Fifth five year plan
(D)   Eleventh five year plan

How many monitorable targets were set in the 12th Five year plan

(A)   19
(B)   20
(C)   25
(D)   27

Which of the following is true about NITI Aayog

(A)   Prime Minister constituted three subgroups of Chief Ministers under NITI Aayog
(B)   NITI Aayog came into existence by a constitutional amendment
(C)   Regional Council will be convened by Chief Minister and shall comprise of the
District collectors, MROs etc.

(D)   NITI Aayog has power to allocate funds for various programmes at national and state levels

Which of the following committees was formed to review the companies act, 2013 and suggest necessary changes

(A)   Duggal Committee
(B)   Narasimhan Committee
(C)   Dutt Committee
(D)   Hazari Committee

On the recommendations of Dutt Committee the government announced Joint Sector in which policy

(A)   Industrial Policy 1948
(B)   Industrial Policy 1956
(C)   Industrial Policy 1973
(D)   Industrial Policy 1977

Foreign exchange Management Act came in to being in

(A)   1947
(B)   1973
(C)   1999
(D)   2002

NASSCOM was established in



(B)   1988
(C)   1990
(D)   1991

Which Industrial Policy in India had promoted small-scale industry as ancillary to facilitate major industry?

(A)   Industrial Policy of 1991
(B)   Industrial Policy of 1948
(C)   Industrial Policy of 1956
(D)   Industrial Policy of 1977

What does the BIFR (Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction) deal with?


Revival of sick industries.

(B)   Privatization of public sector.
(C)   Approval to use of foreign capital in Indian industries.
(D)   Financing large scale private industries.