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Rh antigen and blood group antigens reside in

(A)   Plasma membrane of erythrocytes and leukocytes.
(B)   Plasma
(C)   Plasma membrane of erythrocytes  
(D)   Blood serum

"C25", India's first indigenously developed high thrust cryogenic rocket engine has been successfully
grounded-tested by the ISRO for which rocket vehicle?    

(A)   GSLV - Mark - \(V\) 
(B)   GSLV - Mark - \(IV\)
(C)   GSLV - Mark - \( III\)
(D)   GSLV - MARK - \(V\)

Acid rain is caused by the pollution of environment by 

(A)   Nitrous oxide and Sulphur dioxide
(B)   Carbon monoxide and Carbon dioxide 
(C)   Ozone and Carbon dioxide 
(D)   Carbon dioxide and Nitrogen

The teaching of spirituality to students in present days of science and technology is

(A)   essential
(B)   impossible 
(C)   unnecessary 
(D)   backwardness

School uniform is used because 

(A)   no possibility of missing children 
(B)   equality is reflected 
(C)   school earns money 
(D)   children look good 

To check the downfall 0f standards in education, it is essential to have 

(A)   more number of teachers 
(B)   good training of teachers 
(C)   parental awareness towards students homework 
(D)   qualitative improvement in education system 

Find out the different group from the given groups of letters 

(A)   MOQ
(B)   GIL
(C)   EGI
(D)   ACE

A statement is following by a question. Considering the statement to be true, which conclusion among the given four is false.
Statement: "Some teachers are not learned" is false. 

(A)   Some teachers are learned 
(B)   Some learned beings are teachers 
(C)   All learned beings are teachers 
(D)   All teachers are learned 

To be a successful teacher, which of the following is to be preferred? 

(A)   create terror in the class 
(B)   not allow pupils to speak out 
(C)   establish strict discipline in the class 
(D)   helpful towards pupils

The mental health of the teacher remains sound as long as he keeps

(A)   getting communication from students 
(B)   getting money through tuitions 
(C)   free from school discipline 
(D)   getting salary at the right time