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Market demand fo any good is a function of the ..........................

(A)   Price per unit of the good 
(B)   Price per unit of other goods 
(C)   Income of Consumers
(D)   All of the above

Which one of the following is associated with the issue of control and phasing out of the use of Ozone-depleting substances?

(A)   Bretton woods conference
(B)   Montreal protocol
(C)   Kyoto protocol
(D)   Nagoya protocol

The energy generation in star is due to which one of the folowing :

(A)   Chemical Reaction 
(B)   Fusion of heavy nuclei
(C)   Fusion of light nuclei
(D)   None of these

Coal gas is a mixture of several gases . Which of the following Constituents the largest bulk of its composition:

(A)   Carbon dioxide(Co2)
(B)   Hydrogen(H2)
(C)   Methane(CH4)
(D)   Carbon Monoxide(CO)

The highest per capita emitter of Cabon dioxide (Co2) in the world is :

(A)   Qatar
(B)   India
(C)   China
(D)   USA

With whose permission did the English set up their factor at Surat ?

(A)   Akbar
(B)   Jahangir
(C)   Shahjahan
(D)   Aurangazeb

Which Constitutional Amendment deleted the right to property from the list of Fundamental Rights ?

(A)   42nd Amendment
(B)   43rd Amendment
(C)   44th Amendment
(D)   62nd Amendment

In which one of the following islands of India an active volcano is found ?

(A)   Nicobar Island
(B)   Nancowry Island
(C)   Barren Island
(D)   Maya Bunder Island

Who has created the high-level programming language for the first time for computers?

(A)   Konard Lorenz
(B)   Konard Zuse
(C)   Mario Johnson
(D)   Henry Gladstone

Who has officially launched the new multi coloured logo for the Allahabad Kumbh mela 2019?

(A)   Ram Naik
(B)   Yogi Adityanath
(C)   Narendra Modi
(D)   Ramnath Kovind

Which of the following flowering plants completes its life cycle every two years:

(A)   Dahlia
(B)   Sunflower
(C)   Carrots
(D)   Mustard

Under whose chairmanship the finance Commission has been Constituted by the Union Government?

(A)   Arvind Mehta
(B)   Ramesh Chand
(C)   NK Singh
(D)   Shaktikanth Das

Which one of the following happen at absolute zero temperature:

(A)   All the molecules comes to rest and have zero energy
(B)   Molecules vibrates more faster at this temperature
(C)   Potential enegy is zero
(D)   none of these

Which one of the followin is not an allotropes of Cabons:

(A)   Graphines
(B)   Graphites
(C)   Diamond
(D)   Fullerines

Income inequalities in a country can be measured by ............

(A)   Lorenz Curve
(B)   Gini Coefficient
(C)   Proportion of income received by different size groups
(D)   All of the above

Who is the auther of the book " The last Mughal: The fall of a Delhi Dynasty in 1857"?

(A)   John Kirkland
(B)   William Dalrymple
(C)   Thomas Wilson 
(D)   Simon Digby

At the time of enactment of the constitution, Which of the fllowing ideals was not included in the Preamble ?

(A)   Liberty 
(B)   Equality
(C)   Socialist
(D)   Justice 

The palk strait lies between ...................

(A)   Bay of Bengal and Palk Bay
(B)   Andaman and Nicobar Islands
(C)   Rann of kutchchh and Gulf of Khambhat
(D)   Lakshadweep and Maldives